Save money on your energy bills! Up to 50% energy savings over convection systems (baseboards).


Fewer health problems from Far Infrared heat due to reduced air movement.

Fast Installation

Can be hung like a picture and plugged directly into regular wall socket. Install in minutes!

Far Infrared Radiant Heating Panels

Backed by a North American Five (5) year warranty!

Client Testimonials

This is a pretty amazing product!  I was surprised at how quickly the panel began heating up the room, and at how gentle the radiant heat feels.  On top of that, installation was simple.  The panel weighs the same as any large picture with a wood frame and is just as easy to hang -  5 minutes tops!

Kevin Niemi Courtenay, BC


Depending on placement, Red 5's technology provides a 15-45% energy advantage over traditional heating.

Ceiling and Wall Mount Panel

Far infrared heat is different to normal heating systems that primarily heat the air in the room. This air is constantly lost from the room through doors, windows etc, however far infrared heat, heats all of the surfaces in the room. Your floors will be warm as well as the furniture and anything else in the room including the people.

This is why it is possible to mount the panels hidden away on the ceiling. In fact these panels are even more efficient when they are able to radiate down, a bit like the sun when it warms your patio on a summers day, even when the panel has turned off on the thermostat, the heat continues to radiate from the floor and other surfaces in the room.


Every room is different. Different size widows, doors, ceiling heights and shapes. At Red 5 we believe that sizing your panels is crucial to the operation and efficiency of your heating system. This is why we size the system for you. Once you supply us with the measurements of the rooms we will do a full heat loss calculation and make a recommendation to you. This service is FREE. We want you to be totally happy with your panels.....and then recommend us to your friends !

Traditional Forced Air

A forced air system has a “starting efficiency” of 60-95% depending on the type of heater (older, newer, straight transfer of hot gasses, or secondary heat exchanger). Even a 95% efficient heater (after fan losses, duct losses, convection losses and ventilation requirements) is typically 35% efficient just because it heats the air.


Red5 far infrared heating panels operate only in the very safe and therapeutic “Far-infrared” light spectrum. Our proprietary thin-film technology produces ultra-low temperatures in the 200 ºF (95 °C) range; about the temperature of a cup filled with coffee.

Besides the immediate effect of warming the people in the space, Red5's far-infrared operates at a part of the spectrum that allows it to travel through the air virtually unimpeded and heat the floor and other surfaces. This is the same 'dry heat' that you find in desert climates like Arizona, which has significant positive benefits for people with arthritis and joint problems.

As well, because this type of heat does cause or rely on significant convection (air movement), it does not move dust around in the air which can help reduce allergies or breathing irritation.

Easy Installation

Red 5's heating panels are incredibly versatile. You can get them in 120v, hang it on the wall like a picture and plug it in, or you can get the panels in 210v /240v and hard wire them with bx cable into your existing baseboard system and start saving straight away. For new construction and reno's you can mount the panels to the ceiling or even recessed into the ceiling. There is no sound and no moving parts, you will forget that they are even there......apart from the room being nice and warm !

Decorative Art Infrared Panels

Infrared heating panels can be custom ordered with decorative artwork. You can choose from dozens of options in our decorative artwork library.

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