When every second counts, you can count on HAVEN.

Haven alarm face view

HAVEN looks like a smoke detector…

…but works as a heat-activated fire extinguisher.

When every second counts, you can count on HAVEN.

Designed by fireman

When every second counts, this unique product can:

  • stop a fire before it becomes a threat

  • help clear the path to safety when a fire is in progress.

The HAVEN is a revolutionary new product that installs in your ceiling and when activated by heat it automatically fights the fire without water.

It can reduce the damage and mess of a fire that starts in the room where HAVEN is installed, or provide you and your family the extra seconds to safely exit your home when installed in hallways between bedrooms and safe exits.

Each HAVEN unit provides effective fire suppression to a 16' x 16' area for full-room coverage.

HAVEN in the kitchen.

HAVEN Fire Protection Demonstration

Check out our information video to discover how HAVEN works!

You won't believe how simple it is to install HAVEN in your home to provide years of protection and peace of mind to you and your loved ones.

HAVEN Product Features

Room Coverage

Independently tested to provide effective fire suppression in at least a 16’x16' area.

Easy Installation

Installation couldn’t be simpler. A 5 3/4? hole can be cut with a regular handheld keyhole saw, and the HAVEN slides easily into this hole between floor joists.

No Water Damage

Unlike water suppression, the dry-chem agent in the HAVEN does not cause extensive damage when discharged.

No Water Needed

Operating independently, the HAVEN can be placed virtually anywhere added protection is needed, without expensive plumbing or installation costs.

Easy Clean Up

The super-fine ABC dry-chem agent inside the HAVEN cleans up easily with a vacuum in the event of a discharge.

Non Toxic

The dry-chem agent used in the HAVEN is safe when discharged. It is essentially a form of baking soda, and will not damage your belongings or people and pets.

Works in Extreme Cold

Since cold temperatures don’t affect performance (no water to freeze), the HAVEN is perfect for use in outbuildings of all kinds where there is no heat or power.

Heat Activated

The heat-activated trigger means the HAVEN will not discharge in the presence of smoke. It must be extremely hot (ie. a real fire) in order for the unit to automatically discharge.

5 Year Protection

Left alone, the HAVEN can protect your loved ones and your valuables for 5 years (not including battery replacement for testing purposes).